Certified Administrator and Facilities Manager @ Barcelona, Spain, Barcelona [de 26 a 30 de junio]

Certified Administrator and Facilities Manager

26 - 30
de junio
09:00 - 19:00

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Barcelona, Spain
Certified Administrator and Facilities Manager – NEW, 5 days

Programme Overview
Facilities Management is a growing business field. The coordination of space, infrastructure, people and organisation has seen Facilities Management grow as a business and industry in itself. This course is an intensive introduction to the Facilities Management profession and best practice in day-to-day operations.

Who should attend
Newly appointed staff, or those with less than two years’ operational experience looking to broaden their understanding, including facilities/premises/site services co-ordinators and supervisors; building, or office services managers; and accommodation officers. The course will also benefit those working in related areas that come into contact with the facilities management function, and individuals considering moving into the field as a career change.

By the end of this training course, participants will:
• Articulate the role of the facilities manager
• Explain the scope and breadth of the profession
• Prove the importance of FM and its value to organisations
• List key elements of building structure and design
• Explain the impact of physical building characteristics on facilities management
• Use at work key aspects of building services
• More efficient in Property Management and leases
• Appreciate the role of space management and the workspace
• Apply practical aspects of space planning
• Organize re-location / Move Management in more efficient way
• Apply key elements of Energy and Environmental Management
• Develop and implement maintenance management programmes
• Use the principles of commissioning and managing contract services
• Approach tendering and letting contracts
• Deliver a customer centric FM service
• Measure customer requirements and satisfaction levels
• Apply Health & Safety principles for FRM at work

Course Outline

Introduction & The Importance of Facilities Management
• The growth of Facilities Management and the developing role of facilities managers in organisations, identification the major qualities and skills required.

Understanding Buildings
• How to recognise the opportunities and pitfalls of specific building characteristics and their relationship to organisational needs – in particular, the impact they have on maintenance, planning, day-to-day operation and overall image.
Introduction to building services – what are the basic principles?
• What impact do services have on facilities planning and day-to-day management?
• How are approaches to services changing? The session covers HVAC, services distribution (including raised floors and suspended ceilings) and lighting.

Property Management
• Introduction to the basic elements of Property Management.
• How to develop a Property Management Plan.
Practical Space Management & Planning
• Introduction to the importance of space management and the role it plays in business performance, techniques for evaluating space, and best practice management methods.
• Introduction to the principles of space planning and a process for applying them, including determining organisational requirements, assessing the suitability of settings and layout options, the role of computerised systems for planning and record keeping, and evaluating the outcome.

Re-location / Move Management
• Who needs to be told about the move – and when?
• How should facilities managers handle the ‘politics’ of moving
• What kinds of people and skills are required within the project team?

Energy and Environmental Management
• Key energy and environmental issues
• The impact of energy and environmental issues on FM and their business
• Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) actions

Maintenance Management
• Principles of Building and Services maintenance.
• How to develop maintenance plans for different building features.
• The use of Building Condition Surveys and Asset Registers
• Sourcing Strategies and Service Contracts
• Strategic aims and outcomes of an organisation’s sourcing strategy.
• Arguments for and against outsourcing
Health and Safety for Facilities Managers
• How do tighter Health and Safety laws affect facilities managers?
• Which are the key current developments – and the likely future ones?
• What specialised help and advice is available – and what sources of
• What statutory responsibilities affect facilities managers?
Customer Centric Facilities Management
• Understanding the service culture and delivering a ‘customer-centric’ service.
• Behavioural aspects and their implications for management and leadership.
• Assessing customer requirements and satisfaction levels, and ways of measuring performance including developing and managing service level agreements.

To enhance learning effectiveness, hand on experience will be emphasised in this programme through role-plays in class presentation, group facilitation and class critique.
Case studies, group discussions and video support will also be used to enhance learning experience. Fun quizzes will be injected to provide formative assessment and a fun learning environment.
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