Unshakable Power with Marisa Peer @ Barcelona, Spain, Barcelona [24 de junio]

Unshakable Power with Marisa Peer

de junio
09:00 - 18:00

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Barcelona, Spain
Marisa Peer Presents a Life-Changing 1-Day Seminar «Unshakeable Power» in Barcelona, June 24th.

Tickets are now available: bit.ly/2qdK4wn

— In this event you'll learn:

1. How to be enough in every area of your life

You will leave knowing how to be enough in every area you touch. Enough for your children. Enough for your lover. Enough for your career. Enough for your community. Enough for the world. You will learn how to truly feel great about yourself. You’ll learn how to honor yourself and the things that are truly important to you. You’ll learn how to celebrate the amazing human being you truly are. You will finally believe and experience that you deserve everything you have ever wanted and more. Experience what it’s like to know deep inside that…

2. How to make your mind work for you

It’s one thing to tell yourself what you want to believe and it’s another thing to truly believe it. The voice in your head is on auto-pilot. It is telling you what it’s been conditioned to tell you. To work harder. To do less. To fix this. To address that. To be better. To be more. Your inner dialogue is a window into the areas of your life that your soul is begging you to pay attention to.

However, many of us give it far more weight than it deserves. Each thought is an option. A choice. You can spend more time with it. Or less time with it. Finally learn how to program your inner dialogue to become your biggest fan, your best friend, and your strongest ally.

Many therapists would have you believe that the mind takes decades to reprogram.

— About Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer is one of the most transformational speakers in the world. Her psychotherapy techniques focus on creating true change in the audience. Change that lasts. Named Britain’s Best Therapist by Tatler magazine, Marisa has spent the last three decades working with some of the world’s most elite celebrities, athletes, royalty, and entrepreneurs.

She employs techniques that create effortless transformation in some of the most important areas in our lives. Her ability to quickly transform trauma, pain, fear, frustration, anger and any other unwanted emotion into confidence and high self-esteem and an unshakeable sense of self-worth is unprecedented. Marisa believes in results and wants you to have your dream life.
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