Becoming Superhuman with Wim Hof @ Barcelona, Spain, Barcelona [23 de junio]

Becoming Superhuman with Wim Hof

de junio
15:00 - 18:00

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Barcelona, Spain
Learn how to be superhuman with Wim Wof and discover the true abilities mother nature gave you in under 4 hours, in Barcelona this June 23rd.

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— The Ice Man, Wim Hof takes the stage and begins guiding you into the unknown. Wim Hof will guide you to your highest potential by covering the following modules:


Fear has become the current state of affairs. Our lives are full of anxiety and stress that trigger a natural state of fight or flight. We are living in a permanent state of death avoidance. Yet, death is nothing to fear. Wim will share what he has learned from mother nature, how he unlocked the deepest connection with himself and what he learned about death in the process.


When we lost the connection to the deepest part of ourselves we also lost our confidence. We must get back to belief. Our belief in ourselves. Our belief in our potential. The innate inner confidence and all-knowing that we are important. Wim will show you how to tap into true confidence; confidence of the soul by teaching you how to connect with your primal nature.


Our mind is an incredible instrument of Mother Nature. Yet, we are completely ignorant of its true potential because we allow it to run amuck with an unconscious script we didn’t design. Wim will turn everything you thought you knew about your mind on its head. Wim will teach you how to transition into your mind’s most powerful state; the dream state.


Reconnect with the power of breath. Your breath is the gateway to your untapped potential. You will learn how to harness your breath and turn it into your strongest ally in times of your greatest pleasure and your greatest strife. Learn The Wim Hof Method from Wim Hof himself and then put it to the test.

— About Wim Hof:

Wim Hof became known for spending a lot of time in the ice. He would frequently spend 90 minutes in an ice bath. He climbed Mt. Everest and Mount Kilimanjaro. He ran a marathon in -30 C. In shorts. He would swim hundreds of meters under the ice. The question is why. Why is he so in love with the ice? Wim has learned that the ice provides the human body with the perfect trigger to unlock access to parts of the brains science has thought were impossible to control. He believes this access also holds the key to our happiness and tranquility. He has broken 26 world records in his journey to spread what he has learned to humanity. From marvel of science to humanity’s teacher, Wim never fails to prove the unbelievable is possible.

— Tickets are now available here:

Joins us in Barcelona :)
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